Bubble Scoops
Bubble Scoops
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Bubble Scoops

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Bubble scoops are a super-concentrated solid bubble bath that dissolves under running water. Just half a scoop will fill your tub with fluffy, long-lasting bubbles. Created with sensitive skin in mind, these scoops are free from detergents and sulfates and won't leave your skin feeling dry or irritated.

Thear are NOT bath bombs. They do NOT fizz  they create bubbles when broken up under running water.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, sodium laurel sulfoacetate (SLSA), cocamidopropyl betaine, cream of tartar, cornstarch, glycerin, grapeseed oil, polysorbate 80, mica, lake colourants, parfum  

Spider-Dude: sea salt air, lemon zest and coconut water blend with beach rose and sea grass.